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Faerie Tea Party
A tea party setup. Pinkies up!
A tea party setup. Pinkies up!
Type Quest Building
Area 2 x 2 Spaces
Level Unlocked Unknown
Locked by Quest The Mad Tea Party
Max Allowed 1
Drops Glimmerdust, Water, Living Wood, Faeries' Murmur

The Faerie Tea Party is a special building that must be constructed to complete The Mad Tea Party quest. It costs 50,000 Coins at the Market, and needs 15 Faeries' Murmur, 3 Enchanted Beam, 5 Purple Dye and 3 Silver Platter to construct.

It may be collected from every hour and drops 150 Coins, as well as a random drop of Glimmerdust, Water, Living Wood and or Faeries' Murmur.