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The Faerie Skunkhouse Questline centers around the Faerie Skunkhouse, a special building which can be purchased at player level 13. However, this questline cannot be accessed until the player is level 31 and has completed some advanced quests. Fortunately, this questline will still give the gem reward ("rebate") to anyone who previously purchased the Faerie Skunkhouse.

Questline Prerequisites:

1. An Unfortunate Smell Rewards 410 Coins, 3xp

  • USE Desmelling Potion x5 GIVE (skip 25 Gems)
    • Get Skunkupine Essence x5 - from Skunkupines (skip 20 Gems)
      • Skunkupines - triggered from collecting - from flowers; crops-corn, etc; or buy Skunkupine Trap at Market for 5 Gems (chop to spawn Skunkupine.)
    • Desmelling Potion: Potion Shop craft 10 minutes. 5 Fellora Blossoms, 3 Water, 1 Skunkupine Essence. (Disappears from Potion Shop when quest completed.)

2. An Outdoor Abode Rewards: 1,800 Coins 5xp

  • Get Ivy out of the house x2 GO (skip 10 Gems) - Take her to the Market- reset 22 hrs.
  • Measure the space x2 GO (skip 10 Gems) (Go to Ivy's Hut!- reset 12 hrs.)
  • Head to the Plume Hive x1 GO (skip 10 Gems) - Adventure 1 day from Castle or 2 days from Barracks

3. The Faerie Skunkhouse Rewards: 20 Gems, 5xp

  • Collect from a Faerie Skunkhouse x1 GO
    • Note: Goal - Timed 5 Days. Purchase from Market-Buildings-Special 160 Gems. reset 6hrs. Size: 1 x 1 square. Drops: Rat Tails, Fur, and other items.
    • If you already own the Faerie Skunkhouse, collecting from it will count and you will receive the gem reward.

4. Animal Accomodations Rewards: 1,800 Coins 5xp

  • GIVE Chew Toys x4 GO (skip 20g)
    • Chew Toy: Workshop craft 1hr. 4 Hide, 1 Fish (Disappears from Workshop when quest completed.)
  • Line the floor with soft Wool x20 GIVE (skip 40 Gems)

5. Trouble Sleeping Rewards: 410 Coins 3xp

6. Bringing up Baby Rewards: 410 Coins 3xp

  • Collect from the Faerie Skunkhouse x2 GO (skip 10 Gems) - reset 6 hours.

End of the Faerie Skunkhouse quests.

Source: Official Forum Guide