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Upgrading the Faerie Respite dramatically changes the appearance.

It is unlocked after the completion of the Trust Trade quest. Building the Faerie Respite and leveling it are a part of the Faerie Respite Questline. The building costs 100,000 coins from the market and can be collected from every 5 hours.

Storable: Yes

Card Text: A resting place for the Faeries when they come to visit. Chance of dropping Fey Crystals.

Level: Access to this building is by quest goal, not level.

Inventory Tab: Buildings

Type: Special Building

Source: Purchase

Size: 3 x 3

Drops: a Faeries' Murmur, Faeriebulb Seeds, Pile of Seeds and/or random petals.

Collection time: 5 hours

Collection speed-up: 10 Gems

Cost: 100,000 Coins plus materials:

Level Materials Required Collection Time Coin Drop
1 5 Ornate Beams, 5 Ornate Blocks, 3 Magic Cement, 3 Enchanter's Essence 5:00 50 Coins
2 99 Water, 50 Glimmerdust, 99 Purple Petals, 50 Sap 5:00 100 Coins
2 20 Living Wood, 20 Stone Blocks, 10 Mithril, 4 Faerimer Columns 5:00 200 Coins
4 5 Lumin Essence, 50 Jewels, 50 Silver Ore, 1 Lady Finverra Statue 5:00 300 Coins
5 30 Faeriebulb Seeds, 30 Sugar, 10 Cake, 1 Sweet Feast 5:00 700 Coins

Note: Faerimer Columns required for Level 3 are obtained by repeated Adventures to Explore Dark Caves.

Similarly, the Lady Finverra Statue is obtained from the Search the Ancient Vault Adventure. It may take several attempts to get the drop.