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Expansion Permits are required for most land expansions squares outside the initial kingdom area (these are specified on the Reference Map)

Permits can be crafted at the Royal Exchange. They cost 30 Trade Tickets each and the trade takes 4 hours. They are also a rare drop from a few animals.

IMPORTANT: You should postpone buying Expansion Permits until after you have bought the vital Tinker Camp, which serves as a third workshop/potion shop for construction materials.

Use: In addition to being spent on Expansion squares, Expansion Permits can be crafted into Explorer's Permits at the Royal Exchange:

Craft: Royal Exchange, 4 hours, 30 Trade Tickets

NOTE: Once you have expanded to the last piece of land, you can no longer craft expansion permits. You can still craft trade tickets.

Other Collection Sources[]

  • Actions: Interpret the Worker (mystic card from Maya)
  • Buildings: Level 7 Firefly Cove
  • Creatures: White Flyger, Armored Flyger, Direwolf, Royal Lion