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Don't Be So Paranoid
Trigger Unknown
Rewards 2,400 Coins, 7 Exp
Level 22
Required 3 Boar Tusks, 3 Boar Pelts, 3 Feral Magic
Quest progression
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The Red Feral Lands Conspiracy Theories

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Ivy.png "Thanks a bunch! I'll inspect each item and consult with Old Thomas. I'm sure that old man has a scroll or something on this. What's that he always says? Oh right, "Perhaps scroll J481..." Hahaha, ok, I'll stop."

Don't Be So Paranoid is the sixteenth quest in the Troll Tribe Questline.


Give 3 Boar Pelt (I wish I had hair this thick!)

  • Collect From the Feral Lands

Give 3 Boar Tusks (I can't believe Kaz thinks this is dull!)

Give 3 Feral Magic (What's inside?)

  • Collect from Dire Boars


  • 2,400 Coins
  • 7 Experience Points