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Dire Boar
A Dire Boar
A Dire Boar
Spawns From Strawberries, Sparkling Mines, Deep Mine, Red Mushroom Circles
Drops Boar Tusks, Boar Pelt, Faerie Magic
Physical attributes
Health 8
Status Attacking
Fouling Area 6 x 6 Squares


  • NOTE: DURING ANY SPECIAL EVENT, ONE SPECIFIC EVENT ACTIVITY WILL ALSO SPAWN THE REQUIRED MONSTER. However, per forum comments, the spawn rate will "feel" low to some people. Advice: don't park a Monster and plan to get the event monster later. Allow it to appear during normal event activity.

Spawns from: Strawberries, Sparkling Mines, Deep Mine, Red Mushroom Circles, Dire Boar Trap (5 gems)


Drops: Boar Tusks, Boar Pelt, Feral Magic, Bone

Nugget 5[]

Nugget 5 Reference is information from Storm8 Forum Nugget 5, Beasts, added here in case it applies. According to the Nugget, Dire Boar drops can include Glimmer Troll spawns and drops.

WIKI NOTE: If you can confirm or deny any drop or spawn, or have an addition, please EDIT or POST A COMMENT BELOW. Thanks!


The first Dire Boar Monster to be defeated will trigger the A Terrible Boar quest, the first in the Troll Tribe Questline. Dire Boars are the first monster not to require the crafting of a new weapon.

They will drop an amount of Energy when defeated and may drop Energy when struck. With 8 Heath, Dire Boars take between four and eight hits to defeat.

Nugget 5 states that after the Troll Tribe Questline, Dire Boars replace Glimmer Trolls, which will no longer appear.

Dire Boar Traps are unlocked by Sending A Scented Message, a quest in the Troll Tribe Questline.