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Decorations are items you can buy with Coins (or Gems) to place in your Kingdom. They typically don't have any use besides decoration, but some provide Royal Points.


Main article: Royal Points

See the Market (under Decorations-Royal.) Basic Royal Buildings cost Coins and require construction materials, whereas these optional decorations come fully built and may cost Gems or Coins. Note that the Dragon Statue and the Unicorn Statue can also be crafted in the Workshop.

Level Building Image Price Royal Points
9 Dragon Statue ** CastleStory-DragonStatue.png 60 Gems 5
15 Unicorn Statue ** CastleStory-UnicornStatue.png 140 Gems 12
3 Carriage CastleStory-Carriage.png 200 Gems 15
17 Glass Spire CastleStory-GlassSpire.png 80 Gems 15
17 Glass Watchtower CastleStory-GlassWatchtower.png 80 Gems 15
23 Glass Gazebo CastleStory-GlassGazebo.png 120 Gems 25
10 Sand Castle CastleStory-SandCastle.png 140 Gems 80
10 Sand Watchtower CastleStory-SandWatchtower.png 60,000 Coins 15
10 Sand Spire CastleStory-SandSpire.png 60,000 Coins 15

Note **: The Dragon Statue and the Unicorn Statue can be crafted in the Workshop.


Most Town Decorations are decorative only, serving no function. However, there are a few exceptions, noted below as active resources.


Level Building Image Price
1 Stone Path CastleStory-StonePath.png 250 Coins
1 Royal Road CastleStory-RoyalRoad.png 500 Coins
1 White Royal Road CastleStory-WhiteRoyalRoad.png 500 Coins
15 Blossom Path CastleStory-BlossomPath.png

2 Gems
17 Fey Path CastleStory-FeyPath.png

2 Gems
30 Faerie Path CastleStory-FaeriePath.png
1 Gems
15 Butterfly Path CastleStory-ButterflyPath.png

2 Gems
20 Seashell Path CastleStory-SeashellPath.png

300 Coins
10 Track CastleStory-Track.png

700 Coins
17 Flower Path CastleStory-FlowerPath.png

2 Gems
Goal Confetti Path CastleStory-ConfettiPath.png



Main article: Royal Points

Almost all walls, hedges and gates have a Royal Points value. For convenience, ALL of them have been listed in the Royal Points article, along with prices. However, level information is needed.

Fences and Walls without Royal Points:

Lvl Name Image Cost Royal
17 Flower Fence CastleStory-FlowerFence.png 3 Gems -
Goal Wisp Wall CastleStory-WispWall.png 3 Gems -
30 Peony Fence CastleStory-PeonyFence.png 8,000 Coins -

Sample list of matching royal points walls, gates and towers:

See Royal Points for complete table of Walls and Gates, including images.