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The Dark Wyvern was introduced during the S11 Monster Hunt as a monster to defeat which could then be crafted as a placeable creature.

Dark Wyvern.png

Dark Wyvern (Spawned Monster)[]

  • Spawned by: Cows, Pigs, Trees
  • Drops: Wyvern Token, Staff Token, Sword Token, Shield Token, Wyvern Milk, (Wyvern) Beast Master Token, (RotB) Beast Master Token
  • Hitpoints: 10

Dark Wyvern (Placeable Creature)[]

A mighty flying beast tamed by the fieriest of knights!


  • Size: 1x1
  • Storable, Cannot be sold

Note: all information that is struckthrough is obsolete as of the end of the S11 Monster Hunt, all information in plain text is current as of Revenge of the Beasts Event (RotB).