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Dark Seeds
Craft at the Greenhouse!
Craft at the Greenhouse!
Vital statistics
Item Type Seed, Craft Item
Unlock Unknown
Max Held 99
Source Greenhouse, Royal Maze Garden, Fellora Blossoms Harvest
Cost 5 Gems

Dark Seeds are a type of seed, and are unlocked by completing the quest Garden Ceremony. They can be grown into Dark Plants.

Dark Seeds can be collected by crafting them in the Greenhouse, which will generate between 1 and 4 Dark Seeds randomly. Dark Seeds may be collected when collecting from Greselda's Dark Garden or harvesting Fellora Blossoms as a random drop.


Building Ingredients Time Unlocked
Greenhouse 3 Pile of Seeds, 5 Glimmer Shard, 5 Glimmer Fragments 0:15 Garden Ceremony