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The Creep Tooth is a monster drop item, that can be collected from defeating Skunkupines and Fangbeasts. They are also a random drop from Ivy's Hut.


The Creep Tooth is used

  • at the Royal Exchange for Monster Hunter and Troll Hunter Trades
  • as a building material for the Jeweler, the Theater, the Blythe Faerie House
  • in crafting recipes including Potion of Clarity

Collection Sources[]

  • Actions: defeating Skunkupines, Fangbeasts, and various event specific monsters, completing the Send Belladonna Plants trade at the Royal Exchange, when at the Mystic Tent using the action Interpret the Knight
  • Buildings: Ivy's Hut, the Troll Pit, Level 10 Haunted Castle, Level 6 Phoenix Nest, Spooky Graveyard, Spooky Tree, Level 10 Trade Post
  • Creatures
    • Bears (including Arctic Bear, Black Bear Cub, Frizzly Bear, Woodland Bear, Yerik Bearson)
    • Cats, generally prizes from The Baron's Game Tent (including Anda, Black Tiger Kitten, Bunny Kitten, Celestine Cat, Chartreux, Cupid Kitty, Faerie Kitty, Jinx, Lion Cub, Medea, Mummy Kitten, Peaches, Sansa, Selina, Serval Kitten, Siamese Kitten, Swamp Kitty, Tiger Kitten, Treasure Hunter Cat, White Tiger Kitten, Witch Kitten)
    • Direboars (including Bone Dire Piglet, Dire Piglet, Direlove)
    • Dogs, generally prizes from The Baron's Game Tent (including Autumn Wolf Pup, Beagle, Black Frenchie, Boston Terrier, Bunny Puppy, Cavalier Spaniel, Corgi, Cupid Puppy, Emma, Faerie Puppy, Flower Puppy, Fluffy, Frenchie, Geoffrey, Guard Dog, Prince Alexander, Princess Alexandra, Pumpkin Puppy, Rainbow Poodle, Shih Tzu, Tea Cup Poodle, Teddy, Vampire Puppy, Wolf Pup, Ziggs)
    • Enfields
    • Fangbeasts (including Baby Fi-Fi, Fangpup, Lovebeast, Mummy Fangpup)
    • Flygers (including Armored Flyger, Flyger Cub, White Flyger, White Flyger Cub)
    • Foxes (including Arctic Fox, Fire Fox, Fox Pup)
    • Gnomes (including Gnome Knight, Kane)
    • Griffins (including Faerie Griffin, Fireworks Griffin, Griffina, Royal Griffin)
    • Lions (including Armored Lion)
    • Mantiworts (including Baby Mantiwort, Queen Mantiwort)
    • Pandas
    • Penguins
    • Raccoons, generally prizes from The Baron's Game Tent (including Autumn Raccoon, Pirate Raccoon)
    • Shadow Lynx
    • Skunkupines (including Elf Skunkupea, Elf Skunkupine, Fireworks Skunkupine, Ghost Skunkupea, Party Skunkupine, Pepe Jr., Skunkumouse, Skunkupea)
    • Trolls (including Baby Troll, Elf Troll Baby, Gentleman Troll)
    • Tuftkins (including Scorched Tuftkin, Shattered Tuftkin, Tuftkin Kit)
    • Wolves (including Armored Shadow Wolf, Dark Wolf, Direwolf, Direwolf Pup, Meadow Wolf, Shadow Wolf, White Direwolf Pup)
    • Wyvern Hatchlings