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Crafting is done in specific Buildings, like the Workshop and the Kitchen. To craft a new Inventory item, you must first collect the items needed in the recipe. You then start the crafting and after a set amount of time you collect the crafted item.


Main article: Workshop

The Workshop is a crafting building. It costs 3,000 Coins and requires 10 Wood, 10 Stones to build. The first workshop is unlocked during A Cursed Scholar. Only 1 Workshop is allowed until level 6 and the Industrial Age quest. No more Workshops can be purchased after this.

Potion Shop[]

Main article: Potion Shop

The Potion Shop is a crafting building unlocked by the Potion For Ivy quest. It costs 4,900 Coins from the Market, and requires 3 Stone Block, 3 Wooden Beams to construct. The maximum number Potion Shops available is 2, however the Tinker Camp can brew glues.


Main article: Kitchen

The Kitchen is a crafting building unlocked at level 10. It costs 7,500 Coins in the market and requires 4 Simple Glue, 6 Stone Block, 6 Wooden Beams to construct. The maximum number of Kitchens is two.

Magic Forge[]

Main article: Magic Forge

The Magic Forge is a crafting building. The Magic Forge costs 6,200 Coins in the Market and requires 3 Royal Beams, 3 Royal Blocks and 4 Super Glue to construct. The maximum number of Magic Forges is two.


Main article: Arboretum

The Arboretum is an optional crafting building unlocked at level 18. It costs 15,000 Coins in the market and requires 15 Lumin Essence, 15 Builder's Paste, 50 Living Wood, and 15 Enchanted Beams to build. The quest tasking it ends with a 5 Gem reward.


Main article: Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a crafting building unlocked at level 20. It costs 50,000 Coins in the market and requires 20 Living Wood, 3 Builder's Paste, 4 Royal Beams, 4 Royal Blocks to build. The maximum number of Greenhouses available is two.

Royal Exchange[]

Main article: Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange is a craft building. It costs 14,000 Coins at the market. It requires 4 Fancy Beams, 4 Fancy Blocks, 2 Super Glue to build.

Tinker Camp[]

Main article: Tinker Camp

The Tinker Camp is a special craft building. It is unlocked by trading the Open Tinker Camp Trade in the Royal Exchange.

Faerie Workshop[]

Main article: Faerie Workshop

The Faerie Workshop was added to Castle Story in the September 18, 2014 Update and is unlocked by the Faerie Construction Questline.

Love Shack (Limited)[]

Main article: Love Shack

The Love Shack could only be built during the 2013 Valentine's Day Event. New players cannot buy it, but players who purchased it during the event still have it. It cost 1,000 Coins and required 15 Wood and 15 Stones to build. It still crafts specific 2013 Valentine items.