Castle Story Guide Wiki
Type Animal
Area 1 x 1 Spaces
Source Market - Nature
Price 500 Coins
Level Unlocked 1
Locked by Quest No
Tendable Yes
Limited Collections Unlimited
Requires Maturation 5 feedings, 3 minutes apart
Drops Coins, Milk, Hide, Prime Cut, Fertilizer

Your standard white with black spots dairy Cow.  When you first acquire a cow it will be a calf and will not give any drops, just experience points for feeding it.

Source: Market (under Nature - Animals)

Cost: 500 Coins

Maturity: 3 minutes apart, 5 times (gives xp only)

Drop Interval: 10 minutes

Drops: Coins, Milk, Hide (common), Fertilizer (uncommon), and Prime Cut steaks (uncommon) which are a quest item more than once.

Premium Cows available on the Market for Gems (4 maturity cycles, 30 mins each):

Name Cost (Gems) Lvl Drop Interval Drops
White Cow 40 4 1:00
Black Cow 120 6
Royal Cow 240 10 2:00
Highland Cow 240

Cows encountered on the Main Questlines:

Limited Edition Cows No Longer Available:

  • Cupid Cow (Heart Cow?)
  • Gnome Cow
  • Spring Calf - gives adult drops, higher chance of rare drops