Castle Story Guide Wiki

Community is a tab in the Social section of the main Menu. It has a selection of random kingdoms to visit and possibly aid.

The more active a player is in visiting other kingdoms, the higher chance they have of appearing on the random list.

When visiting a kingdom, up to 5 buildings which accumulate coins, etc will have a red heart hovering on them. Click up to five hearts to increase your Social Rating. This also benefits the other player by increasing the number of Coins or Experience Points (xp) they receive from that building.

Community is the place to find other players that you can to Invite to be your Neighbors.

There are multiple benefits to having neighbors rather than only visiting random kingdoms.

When you first visit a neighbor each day, you will receive a small bonus item, such as 1 energy, or 5 coins, etc.

Neighbors are also there to help! Certain quests will tell you to ask neighbors to send you a quest item. These specific items do not come from your neighbor's inventory and have no cost. All your neighbor needs to do is click the Accept button to help you.

You can also give and receive Gifts to and from your neighbors, although there is a daily limit. The gifts are also supplied by the game for FREE - they do not come out of your inventory! Choices include valuable items such as a Wooden Beam, Stone Block, Earth Wisp, Living Wood, Glimmerdust, and several more.

Any neighbor can send out up to three free gifts per day. Then the button is blanked out - there are no accidents.

A player can receive many gifts from different players, but can only send out three per day. This can be awkward if you want to give back to each person.

Some players establish a group of just four neighbors who commit to sending to each other each day. That way each person can use their three free gifts on three people who will always reciprocate.