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The Cocoa Crop Quests are triggered when a player at level 24+ harvests Cocoa Beans. The quests unlock Chocolate and Cake. Chocolate is an ingredient in Royal Sundaes.

Both the Caravans and Crops Questline and the Kitchen Questline link here. The Princess Sabina Faire Questline requires Cake, so the player may need to divert here if they haven't unlocked it already!


Ivy.png "The soil here is filled with magic. I had to tweak the seeds a bit to get them to sprout. It took a while, but I figured it out. I bet Cocoa Beans will be useful for all sorts of things!"

1: Cuckoo For Cocoa Crops

Rewards: 1200 coin, 8 xp

Ivy.png "That's a big ol' haul of Cocoa Beans!"


Ivy.png "The recipe for making chocolate is pretty simple. Just use up those Cocoa Beans we harvested!"

2: Natural Chocolate

Rewards: 1400 coin, 9 xp

Ivy.png "Urgh...I ate too much?"


Ivy.png "Flour, chocolate, sugar...come help me stir this, then we'll fire it into the oven! You can handle the icing while I make us a treat to go with it."

3: Bake Me A Cake

Rewards: 1600 coin, 10 xp