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The Characters of Castle Story are people who walk around your Kingdom. They also give you quests and participate in the storyline.


In order of appearance:

  1. Baron
  2. Thomas, Unlocked by The Book Of Spells
  3. Ivy, Unlocked by Wood to Flesh
  4. Thurston, Unlocked by Thurston Gets Dressed
  5. Sabina, Unlocked by Love And Trust
  6. Greselda, Unlocked by No Place To Go
  7. Kaz Tzul'jin, Unlocked end of Troll Tribe Questline?

Town Hall[]


You have a choice whether to have unlocked characters wander around your kingdom or stay off your display. (They will still show up to give you quests.) Go to the Market menu, select Town Square, then Town Hall. Ivy, Thomas, Sabina and any other "walker" characters you've unlocked have checkboxes for "In Kingdom." If you check it, they will walk around, but if you turn it white they will stay hidden. Again, they will still contact you for quests and completions.


Some walkers ("citizens") can be purchased from the Town Square using a new currency, Crowns.

  • The Baron - 500 Crowns
  • Maya - 1000 Crowns
  • The Tradesman - 750 Crowns
  • Belladonna

Like the classic characters, walkers will wander around your kingdom. They can be hidden using the Town Hall interface as above. Some walkers also unlock pets and decor for purchase in the Market.


Game updates may offer "walker" prizes or purchases. Some examples:

Link to Official Forum Guide[]

The Official Storm8 Forum Guide: The Town Square, Kingdom Citizens, Crowns includes a complete explanation and list of characters

Baron · Thomas · Ivy · Thurston · Sabina · Greselda · Kaz