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The Caravans & Crops questline guides players through planting and harvesting, and then committing items for shipment.

This questline unlocks the recipe for Ivy's Hot Sauce, and for Chocolate, an ingredient of several desserts.


  1. Wheat Harvest
  2. Corn Supplies
  3. Planting Season
  4. Food Stockpile
  5. The First Caravan
  6. Tomatoes for Fun and Profit
  7. Sugar Rush
  8. The Second Caravan
  9. Hot Peppers For Ivy (Triggered after collecting a Hot Pepper, which requires level 17. Complete the "Ivy's Hot Sauce" quest in the Kitchen Questline to unlock Ivy's Hot Sauce.)
  10. The Nature Caravan
  11. The Builder's Caravan
  12. The Cooking Caravan
  13. The King's Caravan
  14. The Baro-van
  15. Rich Windbag Caravan
  16. Cuckoo For Cocoa Crops (triggered after harvesting Cocoa Beans, which requires level 24.)