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Buildings are purchased through the Market interface. The prices are specified, and may be Coins or Gems. They usually arrive incomplete, and must be "built up" to level 1. This usually requires variants of beams and blocks, and will often need other specific Inventory items to complete construction. The Town, Crafting and Resource building links on this page usually contain leveling information. Please feel free to add more information.

Collecting from a building costs 1 Energy. They may provide Coins, Inventory items, or Crafting items.


Main article: Royal Buildings


Provide Coins. Amount increases with building level.

Level Building Price Interval Income Coins Level 1 Materials
1 Farmhouse 500 Coins 0:10 70 10 Stone, 10 Wood
5 Cottage 1000 Coins 4:00 220 3 Stone Blocks, 3 Wooden Beam
9 Marketplace 2000 Coins 22:00 900 4 Stone Blocks, 4 Wooden Beam, 3 Simple Glue (unlocks at level 10)
14 Tavern 3200 Coins 8:00 440 3 Royal Blocks, 3 Royal Beams, 25 Wheat, 5 Super Glue
18 Windmill 4200 Coins 16:00 760 6 Royal Blocks, 8 Royal Beams, 3 Builder's Paste, 60 Wool
1 Dainty Farmhouse 55 Gems 0:10 ?? Coins Comes fully built.
5 Dainty Cottage 85 Gems 4:00 ?? Coins Comes fully built.
Goal Glimmer Faerie House 1000 Coins 4:00 1520 (L5*) 50 Orange Petals, 50 Pile of Seeds, 20 Glimmerdust
Goal Blythe Faerie House 1000 Coins 12:00 1520 (L5*) 50 Boar Pelt, 20 Blythedust, 50 Bones

Note*: L5 has non-coin drops associated.


These building craft whatever item(s) the player has assigned. Each building has its' own individual article listing what can be crafted as well as the initial cost of the building and materials. The Crafting page has a summary of initial costs and function of each building, and also links to the individual articles.

Level Building Price Coins Materials Notes
6-goal Workshop 3000 10 Wood, 10 Stones (2nd workshop) Craft building materials, some decorations and some quest items
goal Potion Shop 4900 3 Stone Blocks and 3 Wooden Beams Unlock during Ivy the Potion Lady Questline. Crafts glues, pastes, essences, dyes.
10 Kitchen 7500 6 Wooden Beams, 6 Stone Blocks, 4 Simple Glue Cook
12 Royal Exchange 14,000 4 Fancy Beams, 4 Fancy Blocks, 2 Super Glue Trade materials for others while accruing vital Trade Tickets
goal Tinker Camp 3000 unlock using 99 Trade Tickets at Royal Exchange Functions as a third workshop/potion shop to craft building materials. MAKE THIS A TOP PRIORITY.
15 Trade Wagon 1000 (Comes fully built ?) Trade Monster Hunt items for gold Troll Tokens, spend tokens to buy Mythic Research Center, Cooking Camp, etc.
15 Magic Forge 6200 3 Royal Beams, 3 Royal Blocks and 4 Super Glue Craft metal items
goal (18) Arboretum 15,000 15 Enchanted Beams, 15 Builder's Paste, 15 Lumin Essence, 50 Living Wood Fuses flowers into shrubs which drop 3 petals at a time
20 Greenhouse 50,000 4 Royal Beams, 4 Royal Blocks, 3 Builder's Paste, 20 Living Wood
15 Ivy's Magic Nursery 1000 Comes fully built. Create baby versions of monsters.
goal Cooking Camp 3000 ? Unlock using 99 gold Troll Tokens at Trade Wagon
goal Mermaid Workshop 5000 Comes fully built.
20 Builder's Guild 1000 Comes fully built. Change the appearance of certain buildings into distinctive Toadstool Buildings decor.
goal Elven Reliquary 8 Bronze Runes ?
goal Mythic Research Center 500 Comes fully built. Unlock using 50 gold Troll Tokens at Trade Wagon. Craft advanced animals with advantageous drops.
goal Faerie Workshop 50,000 10 Faerie Beams, 10 Faerie Blocks, 10 Faerie Paste Unlock via Adventure: Envoy to the Plume Hive
goal Apothecary 8 Runes Comes fully built. Make boosts.
? Mystic Kiln 100 Bronze Runes, 40 Silver Runes, 30 Gold Runes ? Make same items as Magic Forge
Unlocked by Maya Crystal Ball 100 Coins 3 Fancy Beams, 3 Fancy Blocks, 5 Blue Dye, 6 Super Glue Crafts a Red Mystic Card for Mystic Tent.
Unlocked by Maya Pond of Sight 100 4 Fancy Beams, 4 Fancy Blocks, 40 Water, 8 Super Glue Crafts a Purple Mystic Card for Mystic Tent.
Unlocked by Maya Mystic Tent 100 5 Golden Nuggets, 2 Wisp Lanterns, 2 Enchanted Beams, 2 Enchanted Blocks Creates random drop of Worker Card, Wizard Card Warrior Card or Ruler Card. Three of a kind are required for interpretation craft drop.


Some Crafting buildings were only available during a limited release.

  • Love Shack (Limited) - only offered February 2013
  • Flower Shoppe - 2018 Freshening Up With Florals
  • Forest Workshop
  • Fruit Stand
  • Glimmeregg Forge
  • Gothic Potion Shop
  • Ivy's Cauldron
  • Lucky Workshop
  • Snowy Workshop
  • Sweetheart Shack
  • Vineyard Brewery
  • Winter Bakery


Craft an amount of resources specific to the building. Some items rarely dropped. They quantity of drops may be based on a specific level, or partly random. Usually, an increased level shortens the waiting interval. Each level upgrade costs additional Coins and materials, which are listed on the building's article.

Basic Resources[]

Building Price Level Materials for Level 1 Drops
Sparkling Mine 4800 Coins 4 3 Stone Blocks, 3 Wooden Beams Stone, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Jewels, Coal, Earth Wisp; rarely Golden Nuggets
Wizard School 200 Gems 5 25 Wood, 25 Stone, 5 Glimmerdust 6 Energy at level 1; increasing to 10 energy by level 5 (Optional but vital)
Sawmill 6300 Coins 7 2 Stone Blocks, 4 Wooden Beams, 20 Water Wood, Sap, Living Wood
Hatchery 9300 Coins 9 3 Wooden Beams, 3 Stone Blocks, 2 Simple Glue Eggs, Roast Chicken
Stable 12,300 Coins 12 4 Fancy Beams, 4 Fancy Blocks, 3 Super Glue Milk, Hide, Wool, Bacon, Fertilizer, Prime Cut
Deep Mine 50,000 Coins 22 3 Enchanted Blocks, 6 Enchanted Beams, 3 Architect's Paste, 5 Wisp Lanterns Stone, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Jewels, Coal, Earth Wisp; rarely Golden Nuggets, Adamant, Mithril
Faerie Bulb free goal No materials for level 1. drops Glimmerdust, Blythedust, Faerie Jar, Mushroom, Living Wood
Prison ?? goal
Tidegate ?? goal
Troll Training Grounds ?? goal
Baron's Tent free N/A Comes fully built. miscellaneous drops

Advanced Resources[]

Building Price Materials for Level 1 Drops
Blythewood Sapling/Goddess Tree (from quest) 3 Mythic Essence, 10 Faeries Murmur, 50Water, 25 Fertilizer Water, Living Wood, Faerie Murmur, Fey Crystals, Faeriebulb Seeds, Pile of Seeds
Coral Castle (unlock square) 2 Orange Shells, 6 Ocean Clay, 2 Orange Coral, 6 Reef Slabs Black Pearls, Blue Anemone, Blue Coral, Blue Starfish, Clownfish, Electric Eel, Ocean Clay, Ocean Reef, Orange Coral, Orange Shell, Reef Slab, Seaweed, Spawn Aquanther, White Pearl
Elven Outpost
Faerie Bridge 100,000, complete Faerie Workshop Fully built after goal drops Fey Crystals, Faerie building materials, Faeriebulb Seeds, Faerie Murmur
Faerie Respite 100,000, complete Trust Trade 5 Ornate Beams, 5 Ornate Blocks. 3 Magic Cement 3 Enchanter's Essence drops Faeries' Murmur, Faeriebulb Seeds, Pile of Seeds and/or random petals.
Forgotten Roost (unlock square) Drops Coins and a very rare Dragon Egg or Manticore Egg
Glimmergate (unlock square) Drops Glimmer Shards, Glimmer Fragments
Greselda's Dark Garden/Royal Maze 100,000 20 Living Wood, 40 Water, 10 Pile of Seeds, 15 Hedge Trimmers Glimmer Fragments, Glimmer Shards, Water, Living Wood, Dark Plants (Glimmer Trap Plant, Glimmer Pitcher Plant, Glimmer Rafflesia)
Ivy's Carriage 100 Fully built. Coins ?!

Optional Gem Purchases[]

Not required to advance the storyline. "Quest rebate" means that if you buy it during the quest, the reward will include a number of gems to defray the expense. Such an offer is always time-limited; in a few days it expires. If you decide later to buy the building, you will get no rebate.

Building Full Price Level Build Materials Drops
Bait Market 200 Gems, quest rebate Goal (25+) ? Every 14 hours. High chance of Super Bait, small chance to drop Glimmermouth
Barracks 360 Gems, quest rebate 15 4 Royal Beams, 4 Royal Blocks, 3 Super Glue, 5 Longswords Allows an extra Adventure every 2 days. +100 Royal Points.
Beastbane Display 400 Gems, quest rebate Fully built. Every day. Drops Tokens used at the Trade Wagon]: Shield Token, Sword Token, Staff Token, or a very uncommon gold Troll Token.
Cabbage Hut 450 Gems or 99 Troll Tokens 15 ? Every 1 day. Drops Spoiled Cabbage. This building is VITAL to get any of the large prizes from the Baron's Tent. Limit 1 of each.
Castle Garden 300 Gems 15 Fully built. Every 4 hours. Coins, Petals, Glimmerdust, Mermaid Scales, Mushrooms, Water
Faerie Skunkhouse 160 Gems, later quest rebate 13 Fully built. Every 6 hours. Rat Tails, Fur, other various. Level 13 to buy. Rebate quest requires Level 31 and advanced storyline quests. (Still rebates if you already bought it!)
Fish Market 120 Gems, quest rebate 22 3 Royal Beams, 3 Royal Blocks, 50 Fish, 50 Water Every 4 hours. Drops Fish, Catfish, Butterfish
Fortune Teller 250 Gems, "quest" Goal 3 Fancy Beams, 3 Fancy Blocks, 1 Wisp Lantern, 1 Clairvoyance Potion Every 16 hours. Various rewards (see The Hub Fortune Teller Thread), eventually including 10 Gems
Glimmerdust Trove 40 Gems 9 Fully built. Every 4 hours. Glimmerdust. (A FREE Trove is also given once in a quest.) Troves are an INCREDIBLY helpful resource.
Ivy's Bakery 200 Gems, quest rebate 22 Fully built. Every 1 day. 2 drops of either: Silver Platter, Ivy's Hot Sauce, Skunku-Pies, Super Yummy Pies, Syrup, Bread, Orange Cobbler, Flour.
Wizard School 200 Gems 5 Level 1: 25 Wood, 25 Stone, 5 Glimmerdust
Every 5 hours. Gives 6 Energy at level 1; increasing to 10 energy by level 5. This building is practically ESSENTIAL and is urgently recommended. Limit 2.

Limited Release[]

  • Autumn Carriage
  • Bidding Booth ? event?
  • Bountiful Table
  • Colosseum Of Beasts
  • Desert Palace
  • Ember Throne
  • Forest Tree
  • Glimmer Fountain
  • Glimmerbat Habitat - level 10
  • Gnome Home
  • Golden Mine (occasionally offered)
  • Griffin Roost
  • Haunted Cabin
  • Haunted Hall
  • Haunted Stable
  • Horse Pasture
  • Horse Track
  • Horse Shed
  • Ice Castle
  • Ivy's Petting Zoo
  • Kingdom Inn - level 10
  • Reindeer Stable

many more ...


Character Buildings[]


Special Resource Buildings[]

Map locations[]


As of 27 June 2017:

  • Town building limit is 50 now (40 before)
  • Royal building limit is 50 now (42 before)
  • Royal decoration limit is 65 now (55 before)