Castle Story Guide Wiki

The Building and Construction questline is an essential part of building a kingdom.


BaronPfeffernot.png "Whether your goal is coins or comfort, you must learn basic building techniques. You can make Wooden Beams and Stone Blocks using the Workshop."

1. Basic Construction (block & beam)[]

Rewards: 400 coin, 2 xp

2. Building Upgrades (Farmhouse & Cottage)[]

Rewards: 830 coin, 3 xp

Note: Farmhouse collections will increase by 7 coins per upgrade. Cottage collections will increase by 22 coins per upgrade.

3: Industrial Age (2nd workshop)[]

  • Have 2 Workshops 0/2 BUY (skip 26 Gems) - Cost: 3,000 coins - Size: 2x2, 10 Wood, 10 Stones
  • Report your number of workshops to Old Thomas 0/1 TELL

Rewards: 600 coin, 4 xp

Note: you can only have 2 workshops despite the message that tells you to "Level up" to build more. Buildings has the limits of all buildings for you to reference.

4: Cottage Collections (Cottage)[]

Rewards: 800 coin, 3 xp

5: Mystery Storage? (Storage Cellar)[]

Rewards: 1000 coin, 5 xp Function: Stores most items off your map: buildings, animals, flowers, decorations, etc when you need to reduce clutter. They appear in your Inventory and can be restored at any time. Any countdown is lost and will begin again.

6: A Local Market (Marketplace)[]

Rewards: 1450 coin, 6 xp

Note: Once you collect from the market for the first time, it will trigger timed goals. This list will be compiled under Marketplace Requests. They are optional! Let them expire if you don't want to do them. Note the warning about loading caravan goals as they apply across the board to all goals and events. That means, if you load an item in a caravan, you cannot get it back. If it is timed, whatever you load is lost if you do not finish the goal in the time allotted.

7: The Grand Market (Marketplace upgrade)[]

Rewards: 1200 coin, 5 xp

8: The Sawmill[]

Rewards: 1500 coin, 8 xp Drops: Wood, Sap, Living Wood

9: Castle Story (Court/Keep)[]

Rewards: 3000 coin, 5 xp

Note: the castle is where Adventures start.
Note: You can only own one Castle, either the keep or court, so choose the style carefully. Optionally, you could sell your existing castle at a loss, and pay full costs to buy and construct a new castle.

10: Advanced Construction (Fancy Block & Beam)[]

Rewards: 800 Coins, 4 xp

11: Hatching Plans (Hatchery)[]

Rewards: 1000 coin, 5 xp Drops: Eggs, Roast Chickens

12: Wood Or Wood Not (2nd Sawmill)[]

Rewards: 1200 coin, 4 xp

13: Royal Upgrades (Tower & Library upgrade)[]

Royal Buildings can be upgraded just like any other. When upgraded, they not only produce more Coins, but also increase in Royal Points value.

Rewards: 1200 coin, 5 xp

14: A Stable Element (Stable)[]

Rewards: 1600 coin, 6 xp Gives Milk, Wool, Bacon, Hides, etc.

15: Resource Upgrades (Sparkling Mine upgrade)[]

With each upgrade, the collection timer will shorten, allowing you to gather material more often. (Wiki Note: upgrades typically shave off only 15 minutes per level.)

Rewards: 1300 coin, 5 xp

OldThomas.png "The Magic Forge will allow us to craft weapons and armor, which are needed for the more dangerous adventures. We can use it to work magic into physical objects, as well!"

16: The Magic Forge[]

17: Animal Luxuries (Hatchery & Stable upgrade)[]

Rewards: 1800 coin, 7 xp

18: A Miner's Inconvenience (Deep Mine)[]

(This task will not appear until the player has reached level 22.)

Rewards: 2000 coin, 5 xp