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Pokemama Pokemama 15 May 2018

Wiki information versus forum guides, The Hub

This wiki is not meant to contradict information collected by players in the forum guides and The Hub guides.

Rather, it is intended to present essential storyline information, guides and data on a regular website in familiar wiki format, with easy-to-use cross-referenced links and entries.

The advantage of a wiki is having large quantities of knowledge provided by players who are eager to share helpful information. This allows the swift correction of any error, and widespread access to upload new or missing data.

The other advantage is the ease of finding information on a website. The search function is focused on information and quickly returns the desired articles and mentions. A wiki guide or website is expected by internet users.

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Pokemama Pokemama 11 May 2018

Some needed articles

Item entries are needed everywhere. The inventory maintained by ShibuyaCloth (warning - MASSIVE page 850Mb+ has almost 5000 items, of which 2200 are still available to every player, and 2200 were from limited events and no longer available.

But we are missing significant articles for events and quests introduced after 2015. Some examples:

Sir Daisy -

Trade Wagon -

Monster Hunt - we have the Tournament, but need a guide for the periodic event, like Weekend Warrior.

Fortunes, Fortune Telling, etc -

Glimmermouth -

... and many more.

If you have any questions, please post on my wall http:…

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