Castle Story Guide Wiki
Type Royal Building
Area 2 x 2 Spaces
Cost 360 Gems
Level Unlocked 15
Locked by Quest No
Max Allowed 1
Drops see Adventures

The Barracks is a Royal Building which contributes 100 Royal Points to your kingdom total. The Barracks allows you to send out an extra Adventure every two days, in addition to the King's Keep/Queen's Court capability. The Barracks adventures require the same supplies and give the same rewards as the castle's - they simply take two days. This does NOT affect the castle's adventures.

Unlocks at Level 15.

Size: 2x2

Cost: 360 Gems full price

There is a limited-time offer questline introducing the Barracks. It has a 60 Gem reward/rebate to slightly defray the cost of buying the Barracks. You can choose not to buy the Barracks but still have access to the Barracks Adventures by clicking "Finish." (without the gem reward.) If you buy the Barracks later, you will spend full price with no rebate.

Materials: 4 Royal Beams, 4 Royal Blocks, 3 Super Glue, 5 Longswords

Drops: drops and also box crates vary. They may be random or dependent on what Adventure you go on.

Barracks Questline[]

1: Double The Adventures![]

Adventure to the Ancient Vaults 0/1 SEND (skip 25)

Rewards: 1800 coin, 6 xp

2: Knight Munchies[]

Craft Hearty Stew 0/1 GO (skip 5)

Rewards: 1800 coin, 6 xp

3: Knight's Watch[]

Adventure Hunt the Roaming Bandits 0/1 SEND (skip 25)

Rewards: 1800 coin, 6 xp

4: Menacing Art[]

Craft some red banners 0/3 GO (skip 18)

Rewards: 1800 coin, 6 xp

5: Dark Knight[]

Adventure Explore the Dark Caves 0/1 SEND (skip 25)

Rewards: 1800 coin, 6 xp

6: Drawing a Blank[]

Plan at the library 0/2 GO (skip 8)

Rewards: 1800 coin, 6 xp

7: Sandy Metal Boots[]

Adventure Traverse the Desert Sands! 0/1 SEND (skip 25)

Rewards: 1800 coin, 6 xp