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The Baron's Game Tent is a special building which hosts an unusual daily activity - throwing Spoiled Cabbages at pictures of the Baron - allowing the player to win both mini prizes and Grand Prizes. It does not require Energy to go the Barron's Game Tent. Once "entering" the tent the countdown (22 hours) for obtaining the "day's" Grand Prize begins. In order to win the Grand Prize the player must uncover 6 specific mini prizes (determined randomly and shown above the picture of the "day's" Grand Prize). Behind each of the 25 pictures of the Baron there is a random mini prize.

The player is given 3 free Spoiled Cabbages to use upon first entering the tent during each 22 hour period (any unused cabbages from the previous period will disappear). Once the number of available Cabbages drops below 3, additional Spoiled Cabbages can be purchased with Gems (at a rate of 1 Cabbage for 10 Gems, 4 for 40, 10 for 90, and 22 for 180), or by watching one of the day's advertising videos. Additional Cabbages can also be obtained at the Cabbage Hut.

A partial list of mini prizes includes: Coins, Bone, Faerie Jar, Fancy Beam, Fish, Fur, Hearty Stew, Living Wood, Magic Fruit, Orange, Prime Cut, Roast Chicken, Simple Feast, Simple Glue, Truffle, Wheat, Wooden Beam, and Wool.

Notes: The Baron's Game Tent cannot be stored or sold, there is a cap of 1 per player, and it is 2x3 squares.


There are limitations that may make the tent undesirable:

  • The Baron's Game Tent cannot be sold or stored, so if you don't like the appearance you are stuck with it. It is a permanently visible part of your kingdom once placed (though you can move it)
  • Without spending Gems or watching advertising it is impossible to get the Grand Prize, and due to the limited number of videos each day, even with watching the videos it is extremely unlikely, that the player will hit all 6 of the required mini prizes. As such the player must have 1 (or 2) Cabbage Hut(s) in order to be certain to be able to get the Grand Prize.
  • Even with a Cabbage Hut it can take a long time to save enough cabbages to ensure a win. The entire process is documented on a single topic in the official forum:

That said, the tent is energy neutral to use and the mini prizes range in rarity/difficulty to obtain and as such if the player has placed it it is worth visiting every day.