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One of the first characters you come across, the Baron (aka Baron Pfeffernot) offers to "help" you learn how to govern in the Learning To Play Questline. It soon becomes evident through gameplay that the Baron is interested only in his own monetary gain, and in accumulating power.

As a main character, the Baron appears in many other quests, such as Sir Pigglesworth, the beginning of the Caravans and Crops Questline, etc.

Baron Pfeffernot[]

The Truffle Hustle[]

This quest is triggered after you collect a truffle from any pig, even if you haven't gotten Sir Pigglesworth yet.

Rewards: 800 coins, 3 xp

Necessary Truffness[]

Reward: 1350 coins, 4 xp

Prime Cuts[]

This quest is triggered after you collect a Prime Cut from any Cow.

Reward: 800 coins, 3 xp

High Steaks[]

Reward: 1350 coins, 3 xp


Player must be Level 25.

This is a very expensive and genuinely unnecessary quest. Save it for when you are rolling in money.

Reward (which you pay for): Golden Obelisk (decoration only)

Breakfast Of Champions[]

Reward: 1700 coins, 6 xp

Party Planning[]

(Workshop, 3 hours to assemble 1 Yellow Banner: 1 Banner Pole, 4 Hides, 1 Yellow Dye each. (Net 18 Workshop hours, 6 Banner Pole, 24 Hides, and 6 Yellow Dyes.)

Reward: 1700 coins, 6 xp

The Perfect Gift[]

Reward: 1700 coins, 6 xp

A Monument to Greatness[]

Reward: 3 Gems, 6 xp

Reference: Official Forum Main Story Goal Guide, Baron Pfeffernot

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