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A Crafting Building for fusing flowers into Super Flowers!
A Crafting Building for fusing flowers into Super Flowers!
Type Craft Building
Area 2 x 2 Spaces
Cost 15,000 Coins
Level Unlocked 18
Locked by Quest No
Max Allowed 1
Drops Selected

The Arboretum is a crafting building unlocked at level 18. It is created as part of the Flower Fusion questline, which surprisingly ends with a reward of 5 Gems.

It costs 15,000 Coins in the market and requires 15 Lumin Essence, 15 Builder's Paste, 50 Living Wood, and 15 Enchanted Beams to build.

All crafting takes 22 hours. Speed up: 88 gems

Shrubs drop 3 or more petals at a time. Spellbound dew will drop from all shrubs, but not the Flower Garden.

Shrubs are crafted from flowers/essence/water that are in your inventory (see table below.)

Name Ingredients Image Collection
Iceland Poppy Shrub 3 Iceland Poppy Patches,
2 Lumin Essence, 20 water
3 3+ White Petals
Auranticum Shrub 3 Talinum Auranticums,
2 Lumin Essence, 20 water
5 3+ Orange Petals
White Trillium Shrub 3 White Trilliums,
2 Lumin Essence, 20 water
10 3+ White Petals
Penstemon Shrub 3 Blue-Flower Penstemons,
2 Lumin Essence, 20 water
3 3+ Blue Petals
Larkspur Shrub 3 Rocket Larkspurs,
2 Lumin Essence, 20 water
5 3+ Purple Petals
Flower Garden
(2 x 2 spaces)
1 Talinum Auranticum,
1 Red Trillium (gem purchase),
1 Rocket Larkspur
20 all colors
Red Trillium Shrub 3 Red Trilliums (gem purchase),
20 water
20 3+ Red Petals