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Adventures are sent from the King's Keep/Queen's Keep and the (optional) Barracks. They require Coins, a type of feast (from the Kitchen or a drop), and another Inventory item. Adventures take 1 day if launched from the King's Keep or the Queen's Court. The Barracks (a premium building) takes 2 days to complete an adventure.

Most Adventures have a related reward which they usually drop (such as Glimmermouth.) They also may give random rewards, such as Energy, Coins, Gems, Inventory items, and sometimes Decorations or Nature resources.

Preparing the required items for an Adventure may take time in the Kitchen, because each feast is made out of multiple separately prepared dishes. (Some premium or event resources drop finished feasts.) Adventure supplies may require time in the Magic Forge if quantities of weapons or armor are required. The official forum topic of all adventures is It also breaks down the supplies into components needed.


Name Supplies Time
Search the Ancient Vault 1 Simple Feast, 1500 Coins 22:00
Hunt Roaming Bandits 1 Hearty Feast, 5 Longswords, 2500 Coins 22:00
Into the Toadstool Forest 1 Breaded Fish, 10 Water, 10,000 Coins 2:00
Explore Dark Caves 1 Spicy Feast, 2 Lumin Essence, 5000 Coins 22:00
Traverse the Desert Sands* 1 Sweet Feast, 5 Light Armor, 9500 Coins 22:00
Go Fishin' 1 Fishing Pole, 1 Fishing Net, 1 Plain Bait OR 1 Super Bait 4:00
Adventure to the Feral Lands 1 Mercury Feast, 3 Troll Clubs, 3 Sentry Horns 22:00
Envoy to the Plume Hive 3 Allergy Potions, 5 Smoked Fish Sandwiches, 1 Faerie Offering 24:00
Envoy to the Fur Burrow 20 Horse Hair, 1 Faerie Offering, 5 Smoked Fish Sandwiches 24:00
Dive into the Abyss 3 Hors D'oeuvres, 10 Seaweed Salad, 4 Starfish 24:00

NOTE * Traverse the Desert Sands is unlocked by the Strictly Ornamental quest.

Quest Adventures[]

A quest-only adventure appears for a specific quest, and then is no longer offered. These are typically not offered in the Barracks.

Note: Different Quest Adventures are listed on the Hub - see second table. These two tables need to be confirmed, updated and merged.

Name Supplies Time Special Drops Quest(s)
Quest For The Trove 1 Simple Feast, 5 Super Yummy Pie, 2500 Coins 22:00 Glimmerdust Trove Treasure Troves
Adventure into the Glimmergate 1 Hearty Feast, 2 Wisp Lanterns, 25 Glimmerdust 24:00 Night Glimmer Blade, Night Glimmer Hilt, Day Glimmer Blade, Day Glimmer Hilt Thurston's Bravery, Allergic To Light
Deep Sea Adventure 1 Potion of Gills, 1 Breaded Fish, 1000 Coins 4:00 Lapis Lazuli Deep Sea Exploring
Adventure to Mount Despair 1 Apple Pie, 2 Wisp Lanterns, 1 Ivy's Hot Sauce 2:00 Garnet Fool Me Twice...
Envoy to the Plume Hive 3 Wisp Lanterns, 5000 Coins 4:00 One-time quest-only version with different supplies. Into the Plume Hive
Into the Wilderness 1 Simple Feast, 5 Longswords, 2000 Coins 8:00 Wild Kingdom

Quest Adventures listed on The Hub:

Name Supplies Time Special Drops Quest(s)
To Glimmer Beach (?) 1 Potion of Gills, 1 Breaded Fish, 1000 Coins 4:00 Amber Amber Augmentations from A Boar-ing Problem thread (?)
Go North to Blythewood 3 Allergy Potions, 5 Smoked Fish Sandwiches, 1 Faerie Offering 24:00 ? The Usual Way! from Fickle Faeries thread (?)
Search the Plume Hive 1 Tracker Kit, 5 Fey Crystals and 20 Faeries' Murmur 4:00 none Leave It To An Expert from Search and Rescue, Part 2 thread (?)
Search the Glimmerwood 1 Catfish Soup, 10 Faerie Jar, 3 Feral Magic 4:00 small rock pile, tree in a log, faerie campfire, butterfly faerie flower, iron rich rock. Note: may take LOTS of adventures to get Lila (15 or so) Witch Knows Best from Search and Rescue Part 3 thread (?)

Event Adventures (Expired)[]

Adventures that were offered for an event and have expired.

Name Supplies Time Special Drops Quest(s)
Dispel the Love Magic 1 Valentine Feast, 3 Absorption Crystals, 7500 Coins 24:00 Valentine Items, Energy Lifting the Spell
To Polaris North 1 Holiday Feast, 5000 Coins 8:00 Polarian Tile, Polarian Log To Polaris North, Inn My Dreams, Extreme Makeover, VIP
2014 Trick Or Treat! Adventure 1 Witch Hat, 1 Fangbeast Mask, 1 Princess Tiara 8:00 Candy Corn, Parchment Ghost, Parchment Bat Trick Or Treat!, 2014 Halloween Event